Current Grantees

The Lettie Pate Evans Foundation values our relationship with grantees and the tremendous work they do to improve the quality of life in our community. Communication and accountability by grantees are critical to the Foundation in ensuring the continued effectiveness of our grantmaking.

Ongoing Communication

Please notify the Foundation if:
  • Your tax-exempt status has changed.
  • You would like to reallocate funds within your approved grant budget.
  • You have unused grant funds at the end of your grant period (the time between payment of your grant and your reporting deadline).


Grant reports are shared with our Trustees and are an integral part of the Foundation’s giving program. Annual reports and a final report are due according to the dates in your grant letter. The Foundation will not consider a new grant request without having received a report for the most recently funded request.

Reports that are concise and to the point (with a narrative no more than 5 pages long) are preferred. In general, a report should include:
  • An update on the current status of the funded work. If applicable, please include any significant changes in scope or leadership.
  • Progress toward the goals set forth in your grant request, any challenges you encountered, and what you plan to sustain or improve.
  • Your appraisal of the overall impact of the funded work.
  • A summary accounting of grant expenditures and other funds raised, including an updated donor list.
Please refer to your original grant letter for specific reporting requirements. Submit your report using our online grant portal by clicking the “Submit Requirements” button below. After you log in, click the “Requirements” tab to view assigned grant reports.

Note each organization is permitted only one account in the portal, which should be managed by a single contact who is responsible for all submissions. You must log in with the credentials of the designated primary contact or you will be unable to view or submit assigned requirements for your organization. If you require technical assistance with our grant portal, please contact Jenny Morgan at

Submit Requirements

Grant Publicity

The Foundation is not anonymous, but it does not seek publicity for its grantmaking. Our intention is for grantees to receive the credit and attention due them for their efforts and programs.

Grantees are free to identify the Foundation’s support within your organization and in your communications with other prospective donors. Please consult with the Foundation regarding any media interviews, press releases or publications concerning specific grants and/or the Foundation.

Grantee Feedback

The Foundation appreciates hearing from grantees to improve our grantmaking process and communications. You are welcome to share feedback by emailing or by providing comments directly to program staff.